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02 March 2009

Affiliatew Marketing Update

Affiliate Marketing Success

Affiliate Marketing is a popular form of online advertising where an advertiser pays based on the performance of the advert for a chosen action such as a click through, lead or sale. Other website owners may sign up for affiliate schemes and earn money for customers they refer.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you can earn money without the hassles of having your own product or service. You're earning money without the headaches of stock, distribution, customer service and so on. It's seen as a fair form of marketing as those websites that generate high numbers of sales or leads are rewarded with large payments while those that don't deliver any results don't get paid.

Since the advent of affiliate marketing many work at home opportunities have highlighted the earning potential on offer and suggested huge sums of money can be made. While this is theoretically true most people who have aimed to make a fortune with affiliate marketing will still be struggling to make a decent profit.

The key reason most sites relying on affiliate links to earn their revenue fail is because they rely too much on the affiliate links and not on creating a unique website of their own. Consumers have become very media savvy and are often wary of blatant adverts. Click through rates from online banners are extremely low and smarter methods of engaging a customer is required. This can be achieved by creating a website with lots of unique and useful content that gets updated on a regular basis. The content should be relevant to the affiliate links you use. For example, if you wanted to make money from a mortgage broker affiliate scheme you could include an article on the benefits of mortgage brokers and how to pick a good one. At the end of the article an affiliate text link could allow people to request an appointment with a local mortgage broker which would in turn earn you a commission. If you simply create a page with banners for mortgage brokers your site offers no value and is unlikely to create a following. Having unique and relevant content for your affiliate links will not only increase the conversion rate on your page it will also attract more people to your website as the search engines love fresh and unique content.

Another common mistake is to try and cover too much. Many people think they will earn more by signing up to hundreds of different affiliate schemes. The reality is you are much better off creating a site targeting a particular topic. For example, you could create a website hosting comparison website or a electronic product review website. Both of these examples add value and create a reason for a customer to visit your site first rather than direct to the advertisers' website. Remember that content is king; keep it unique, fresh and relevant to your affiliate links. You will attract more visitors and will boost your conversions by leading them towards the action you need them to take such as making a purchase. Done right there is no reason why you can't earn a substantial income from affiliate marketing.


Richard Greenwood is author of Finance Overhaul, an ebook which teaches how to achieve financial success by working at home online -


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01 March 2009

Getting MLM leads with a budget

MLM Lead Generation Using a Funded Proposal

Beginners to multi-level marketing (MLM) always have a cash crunch at first. Money is tight, budgets are short and patience is a virtue. The mistake that most people make is expecting to see a massive profit immediately. To tell you the truth, that will probably not happen.

You will need a way of raising some cash while you build your list. The question you should be asking right now is "How do I do that?" This is where a funded proposal makes it's center stage appearance.

A funded MLM proposal is a simple concept. Offer a low cost product or service on the front of the offer. Then you build some trust and rapport with the visitor/client. Finally, you offer your "main" product or service on the back end. Many MLMers do this with great success and you can, too.

The funded proposal helps in two areas. First, it acts as a list builder. As people take advantage of the initial offer you make, they are added to your mailing list. This is what is known as lead generation. Second, they put a little cash in your pocket to offset advertising costs. This is what makes it a "funded" proposal.

Now we need to go over how you can get people to see your offer. There are several free ways to do this.

Safe lists. This is probably the lowest cost option you will have. A great portion of them are free to join but there are paid ones as well. The members of a safe list agree to receive ads from other people on the list. In exchange, they get to send their own ads. Free members send only to other free members while paid members send ads to other paid members in addition to the free members. It should be easy to see why a paid safe list would be more responsive. The paying members are serious about their business and they are more likely to actually read your ad.

So how can you use this method? Send your ad as often as the list allows. Create several different versions of the ad and keep track of what works and what doesn't. In this way, you will have a good feel for which campaigns to use in other advertising mediums. Along the way, you pick up some great leads and possibly some cash to boot.

Traffic exchanges These are another low cost option. Basically, you post your splash or landing page in a rotating system. You agree to view other people's ads and you are given credits. The credits are used to display your page to the membership. Usually, for every two or three ads that you view, your ad is shown once. The good thing about this is that actual peoples see the ad, thus you have more chance of a conversion.

Again, this can be used for your funded proposal. Like above, create several different ads and watch what works. Since you have real people seeing the ad in real time, you can get a good idea what prompts a visitor to click your offer. Thus you have a gauge to use when you take your campaign to the next level. Once more, you generate some leads and make some money along the way.


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Jared Heinitz is a full time Affiliate & Network Marketer living in Provo, UT. He teaches how to use a funded proposal using free/low cost marketing methods to generate 10-15 leads on a daily basis.

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01 December 2007

Buying a car franchise

Buying a car franchise gives you a ready made business opportunity using an established corporate identity that can propel you speedily through the first painful months of business start up that you would normally face. With a well chosen franchise you can literally hit the ground running - or should that be driving? Like any business opportunity you will soon find in your research that there are plenty of packages for different types of car franchises around, all ready to take your cash and assure you of success. However, finding the right one for your skills, budget and circumstances is quite complicated and you need to get good advice.

You can get an independent opinion at the website of The Franchise Market, who will highlight the pluses and minuses of the different franchise options. For example you may love cars but maybe you do not want a business where you have to get your hands dirty - in that case you could look deeper into the Go Diagnostics package, which is suitable for a mechanic who wants to be their own boss. The work is clean, profitable and it is all trade work.

If you are looking for a different kind of franchise you will find plenty of good ideas on the site. I have just seen an attractive business idea that is new to me and I am off to check it out now.


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18 September 2007

Here is news of an incredibly useful plugin that will hide categories on your hosted Wordpress Blog. This 'hide sponsored categories' plugin lets you decide whether to hide your post categories. You could choose to hide all of the or some of them. You can hide them inside the individual post, or in the sidebar list, or the blog archives. You can put this plugin into your blog dashboard in seconds, then choose the categories you want to display for your blog visitors.

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26 April 2007

Google is wrong about paid links

Interesting piece from the Search Engine Watch Blog:

'Google engineer Matt Cutts posted a series of blog posts on Saturday, attacking hidden links, links in Wordpress themes, and paid links. I'm sure his intention is noble: to remove irrelevant links from the serps. But has he gone too far? Judging by the firestorm of protest in the blogosphere, that may be the case.

There are certainly paid links that affect search result quality, and Google has every right to deal with those. But to say that human-reviewed, relevant paid links will be punished is another situation entirely. That makes it look like Google is flexing its muscles as the dominant search engine to take out competitors of its own text ad program.'

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25 April 2007

New Idea to Get You Started

Are you still spinning your wheels? Let the “Easy Chair Millionaire” virtually take you by the hand and teach you from scratch how to create multiple set-and-forget passive income streams that will have you automatically earning over a million dollars a year without even needing a website

I have nothing more to say but to hurry up and go there now!
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15 April 2007

Wealth Creation

A new website with the lowdown on Home Business from the Inside is - Business Opportunity Reviews: Create Residual Income. This is a site where you can get advice on Wealth Creation, to Make Money from Blogs or Websites. There are Independent Reviews and Warnings on Dishonest Programs, to avoid Internet scams
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